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Landmarks Icons

Landmarks icons are here to present the famous landmarks vector icons buildings and architectures. These flat icons are editable and customizable. These landmarks icons are 100% vector round flat icons. Indeed, these are perfect ready-made royalty free icons for commercial as well as personal use. Download premium and use it extensively!

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75 Theatre Icons in Isometric

You want an iconic theatre to feel your design projects without the work! We’ve got you covered with this set of isometric icons. Whether it’s for scrapbooking, designing branded tees, or in print media these theatre Icons set is perfect for what you need!

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  • Compatibility-traffic-signs-icons-preview
  • Highlights-traffic-signs-icons-preview
  • Halloween-icons-preview-1
  • Halloween-icons-preview-2

100 Flat Halloween Icons

Here we bring you a collection of halloween icons. Each icon adds a unique touch of spook to the design. A variety of projects can be done with these flat vectors. Happy Designing!

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  • Sports-isometric-icons-cover
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  • Sports-Isometric-Icons-Preview-3
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  • Sports-Isometric-Icons-Preview-5
  • Sports-Isometric-Icons-Preview-6
  • Sports-Isometric-Icons-Preview-7

200+ Sports Isometric Icons

If you were in search of sports icons, look no further. Our isometric vector set has an astounding collection of sports icons. These vectors will surely be a great addition to your design project.

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  • compatibility-furniture-icons-preview
  • highlights-furniture-icons-preview
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  • furniture-icons-preview-4

Flat Furniture Icons

Are you looking for the best furniture icon set to download, edit and use for your project? Look no further. Here we are bringing you flat furniture icons, these icons are perfect for any flat design or interface.

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  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-cover
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-1
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-2
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-3
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-4
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-5
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-6
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-7
  • culture-and-communities-icons-set-preview-8

1600+ Culture and Communities Vector Icons

This pack includes more than 1600 culture and communities vector icons drawn in multi-path styles, outline shapes and solid designs. We offer quality file formats, varied sizes and customization options so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

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  • art-&-culture-isometric-icons-cover
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  • Art-and-Culture-Isometric-Icons-Preview-3
  • Art-and-Culture-Isometric-Icons-Preview-4

100 Isometric Art and Culture Icons

Bring your projects to life with these isometric art and culture icons. These vectors are meticulously curated by our in-house team of creatives. The icons come along with multiple file-formats including vector EPS format with a high resolution to make the designing process simple and easy.

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  • worship-buildings-icons-cover
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  • pixel-perfect-worship-building-icons-preview
  • highlights-furniture-icons-preview
  • compatibility-furniture-icons-preview

50 Worship Building Icons

This is a set of holy icons for worship buildings. These icons are perfect for church websites, worship materials, presentations or anything else that you can think of. We have 50 icons to choose from in this pack which covers a wide variety of churches and other religious buildings.

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  • games-isometric-icons-cover
  • games-isometric-icons-preview-1
  • games-isometric-icons-preview-2
  • Games-Isometric-Icons-Preview-3

50 Isometric Game Icons

You can find all the best isometric game icons in this stunning pack. We designed game controllers, joysticks, and many more for your web, mobile and print projects. These isometric vectors make your project theme more creative, attractive, and perfect.

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